DPM-Maintenance Game changer

We make failure visible and prescribe right maintenance right time

Partnership with the Industry

Maintenance Solution Provider, aspire to be your growth engine and the lifeblood of the business economy to turn-around conventional Maintenance Practices

The DPM Eco- System

Industry#4.0 era demands differently enabled maintenance team, a creative mindset and renewed strategies to rebuild vibrant & self reliant enterprises, for business sustenance. Apply DPM ecosystem, empower own resources.

Bridge Institution & Enterprise

DPM endeavors diligently to work together with Academics & Industries to aim “industry-ready” entry level engineers and enhance employability across entire industrial sector value chain. Skill sets are toned using DPM software.


We offer one of the best Maintenance Practices to make your dreams come true.

Centrifugal Compressor

Gas Turbine



Electric Motor

Electric Generator

Combustion Engine

Control Logic Unit

Fire and Gas Detectors

Heat Exchangers

Process Sensors

Turbo Expanders




DPM AI Analytics, traces its roots back to 2013 when application of machine learning in maintenance decision making process was conceptualized.

Over next 7 years we evolved with time, stayed relevant, made decisive bold choices and moved on. It was September 2020 we made first presentation at ADIPEC, an International Industrial conference where application of AI to reduce maintenance cost was well received. We adapted, innovated and offered a unique software product “DPM”, where we make failure visible and prescribe right maintenance right time. We are proud to be the maintenance game changer.

Why choose us

DPM AI Analytics, Industrial 4th Gen Revolution

Welcome to a new philosophy, “DPM – Dynamic Prescriptive Maintenance”. Maintenance excellence is no longer an option, now it is a must.

Make Maintainance Simple

DPM-2030 vision statement DPM AI-based software & hardware architect shall facilitate smart machineries to self-perform PM routines, and self-prescribe corrective tasks.

Conceptualizes Machines Like Living Body

Recognize subtle changes, reorient strategies continuously, and reprogram tasks for sustenance, as demand varies in real-time.

Business Growth

In the digital era, service is the king. Maintenance dominates service sector. Therefore business must accept maintenance as key decision maker for ensuring profitability.

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